Monday, October 15, 2012

Elizabeth turns FIVE! Birthday Party September 22, 2012

  Birthday girl and Kyra Colllis
 The Burns Sisters
 Allison Plumlee and Marty in deep conversation
 The Grandpas:  Larry and Marty
 Grandma Gail, Aunt Janet and Uncle Robert
Laurie and Megan
 Kevin, Cindy and Ella Collis
 Can't wait to open up her present
 All the friends posing!
 Cousins Adam and Megan
 Father and Son
 More stickers please
 Doc McStuffin Elizabeth
 All the Docs in coats made by Grandma Gail and Julie
 Finally opening those gifts!
 Blowing out her #5 candle
 Aunt Tammy helps Julie dish out the ice cream
Delicious birthday cupcakes