Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elizabeth's 4th Birthday Party on Sept. 24, 2011

The very Happy Birthday Girl with her
Birthday patch made by Grandma Bonnie
Perry the Platypus cake by Grandma Gail, Julie and Adam
Phineas & Ferb theme table
Phineas & Ferb gift bags that Grandma Bonnie got from Comic Con
Playing in her room
The guests are arriving: Elizabeth, Kyra, Caitlin and Alexis
Add ImageAdd ImageCousins Caitlin and Allison
Going for the first patch: The Toss Game. Knock all
the Phineas & Ferb character dolls over.
Going for the "Limbo" patch....interesting technique
She managed it somehow!
Fun is wrapping an adult in toilet paper for "The Mummy" patch!
Studying one on her new gifts
This cookie set looks awesome!
Pointing out who gave her this gift.
Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Marty gave these
Phineas & Ferb figurines.
Watching the present openings!
Having a good laugh!
More sprinkles for the "Make Your Own Sundae" Patch
With Grandma Gail and Grandma Bonnie
With a proud Daddy
Blowing out the Number 4 candle!
Proud being 4 years old!
Proud Daddy of a 4 year old!
Daddy and Mommy worked hard on this party!
And it was a big success!

The Fireside Girls and Candice. Cabbage Patch dolls and
uniforms by Grandma Gail, Sashes by Mommy Julie and
Patches by Grandma Bonnie
With Grandpa Marty
Cousins hugging!Aunt Laurie and Grandma Bonnie, Cindy with Ella and Adam
Great picture of "Great" Aunt Laurie with Elizabeth

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Swim Lesson September 1, 2011

Getting a "good job" from teacher!

She now loves to jump into the pool

Pretty good floater

A high five for a job well done!

Mom and Dad hearing how well she's doing...
she moves up from Batray to Duck

August 21, 2011 Visit

Having a good laugh!

Working on a puzzle

Happy girl with cute braided pigtails!

She loves to run the track at the park

Free at the park!

August 4, 2011 Visit

Grandma got some special Phineas & Ferb posters
from Comic Con for Elizabeth's 4th Birthday party

Playing a game...she has to show me how to do it!